Flo Kemp
 My work, both in the etching and also with the oils, reflects my quiet personality. Be it a land or a seascape, my etchings and oils are serene, reflective, subtle and simple in design.​​

  I received my Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s in the Liberal Arts (Spanish, English and Education); but, once I discovered the artistic process, I never returned to teaching. I now “do” art full time and market my etchings and oils across the country.
Gallery Exhibitions (Partial Listing)

Heckscher Museum, Huntington, NY; Elaine Benson Gallery, Brideghapton, LI; New World Gallery, Soho, NYC; J Todd Gallery, Wellesly, MA; Catherine Lorillard Wolffe Art Club, NYC; Gallery North, Setauket, LI.

Awards (Partial Listing)

  2-D Best of Show, Ann Arbor State Street Art Festival, Ann Arbor, Michigan 2000; First Prize in Graphics, Mystic Art Festival, CT 2000; First Prize in Graphics, Gallery North, Setauket, NY 2000, Purchase Award and Award of Merit, National Juried Works on Paper, Terrance Gallery, NY; Graphics Award, National Association of Women Artists, NYC.

  I market my work full time, worldwide and I have affiliations with many galleries. I have received numerous awards in Graphics and even Best of Show in 2 Dimensional Work at the prestigious Ann Arbor State Street Festival in July 2000. The 2001 January issue of the Journal of Forestry magazine featured a Flo Kemp etching on its cover. I also was selected to participate in the Arts in Embassies Program sponsored by the Department of State and now have two etchings in Taipei. I am an active member of the National Association of Women Artist and the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club in Manhattan. I am also listed in Who’s Who in American Art.


Cover, Journal of Forestry, Feb 2001; Cover, Herald, newspaper Dec 9.


Museum of Long Island, Stony Brook-- LI Arts Symposium; Art Talk, Gallery North, Setauket, NY 2003

Art In Embassy Program (Administered by the US State Dept)

Two etchings, The Seafarers and Dune View, were on exhibit at Ambassador Douglas Paal’s residence in Taipei.